Thursday, 12 September 2013

Crafters Companion Pick of the Week 12 Noon on Create and Craft.

Makey Bakey Mice – GIVE AWAY!

Afternoon all
So Once again I find myself apologising for the lack of bloggery!  BUT I come bearing an olive branch in the form of a quite special giveaway!
So as you may know, I am launching a brand new collection on Friday on Create and Craft as a Pick of the Week – the Makey Bakey Mice, who are the cutest, most adorable set of little meeces you will ever see, and they all love to make and bake just like me, so they’re very close to my heart.  I always want to break out into Billy Rae Cyrus … But don’t tell the mice , the Makey Bakey Mice, I just don’t think they’d understand, and if you tell the mice the Makey Bakey Mice they may just come and pinch your stash (OK the ending may not rhyme so well, but it makes me giggle!)
The design Team have been crafting up a storm, so I have picked a few of my favourite samples to share with you here to give you a little sneak peek of what is coming up and what you are going to be able to do with them.
I’ve included them all in a slideshow below :)

I’ve included them all in a slideshow below :)
So, please comment here and share this post either on your own blog or on facebook or twitter to be in with a chance to win…………………………………………. all 12 of the brand new stamps I will be launching on Friday! yep all 12!  and just in case you are wondering what they’re like, I photographed the very ones I am sending you they’re on my desk right now!

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow evening, before the launch :) (and before I set off the the studios on the train )
So do you love the Makey Bakey Mice as much as me?  I bet you do!
See you Friday at 12 noon :)
L x
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  1. Wow, a lovely giveaway Julie. These stamps look gorgeous and great samples. Have shared on Facebook for you.